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  • Последний визит: 443 дня назад
  • Дата регистрации: 7 января 2018
  • Город: Львов, Украина
  • Пол: Женский
  • Интересы (метки): дизайн, творчество, мессианский иудаизм
  • Конфессия: Просто верю в Бога
  • Образование: Несколько высшых
  • Обо мне: I’m creative person who tries to love and serve people like Jesus/Yeshua.
    Let me introduce to you my current passion: to remake things that you are storing for a long time at home or in a closet, balcony, etc. which are dear to your heart, but don’t have any look and you just can't imagine what to do with them. I'm interested in helping people, saving them, making their life better in any way, by my crafts too.Was married, tried to create a family, were going with him to rabbi, when I’s born above. The husband was not a believer. He saw nothing more to do with me and demanded a divorce. According to 1 Corinthians 7:15, according to the Bible. I'm going in for sports and like spending time in the garden or somewhere out of the city
  • Семейное положение: Не указано
  • Дети: Не указано
  • Род занятий: Не указано

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